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Shambino aims to be a festival that everyone can enjoy. We know that accurate information is vital and we do our best to tell you everything that you may need to know in order to plan your festival and keep you moving around site. The following page contains a host of useful information regarding accessibility at Shambino. If you have a query which is not covered in the Accessibility pages of this website, please contact the Accessibility Team on

Shambino has the following services to support our disabled festival goers:

  • BSL interpreter booking service
  • BSL interpreted performances
  • Viewing platform and areas
  • Accessibility aid charging point
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets
  • RADAR key hire scheme
  • Wheelchair accessible shower
  • Accessible Camping Area
  • Personalised shuttle service from taxi/bus drop off point to campsite
  • Lowered bars
  • Cold storage for medicine

If you would like to book one of the above services please fill in the accessibility application form.

Services for disabled people are managed by the Accessibility Team, based in the Accessible Camping Area (ACA), but work across the festival site. You do not have to be camped in the ACA in order to use our services or to contact us for help and advice. We also keep a board with information about site conditions and other issues in the ACA. Please do come and see us, even if you aren’t camping with us. The more that we know about services that you would like to see and any problems encountered around site, the more we can help everyone to enjoy the festival.

The Accessibility Team do our best to help onsite, but we have found that the biggest factor in having a good time at a festival is the planning that you do yourself. Think through every aspect of how you will live on a campsite on a daily basis and plan ahead. The information here will help you but if you need more specific advice or are not used to festivals and are not sure what to expect contact us and we will try to advise you.

Please note that those who wish to camp in the ACA in a Camper Van should buy an Accessible Camper Van Pitch. They will still need to apply for the ACA using the online form found here.


The ACA is intended for disabled people who would find it difficult to camp in the main public camping areas. It is located close to the arena and is laid out to allow clear access into tents. The area is flat with wheelchair accessible toilets and showers and an accessibility aid charging point inside a marquee. Access is controlled by wristband with 24-hour stewarding so it is quieter than the public areas. We also have our own communal fire for everyone to enjoy.

We accommodate tents, camper vans and caravans in the ACA. You can bring your car into the campsite to unload, with parking spaces a short distance away.

Please note that those who wish to camp in the ACA in a Camper Van should buy an Accessible Camper Van Pitch. They will still need to apply for the ACA using the online form found here.

Disabled people are of course free to camp in any of the public areas. If you are not sure where to camp, please contact us and we will try to advise you. You are welcome to use the facilities in the ACA without camping there. You can also offload in the ACA and get a lift to your campsite. For disabled people who arrive by public transport, Shambala provides free support to get bags from the drop off point to their camping spot.

If you decide to camp in one of the general public camping areas and have any medical needs or have brought medical equipment with you, please come to visit us and the medical crew so that we are aware of where you are camped and how we can help you should the need arise.

As the ACA is tailored to suit the needs of those camping there, we ask people to apply for the ACA in advance. The application form can be found below. Please note that the cut off date for applications is 1st August. Although we do our utmost to fit everyone in, we cannot guarantee a space to people who apply after this date. Sometimes people only realise that they need to camp in the ACA once they get to the festival, if this happens to you please come to see us and we will try to help where possible.


To apply for a space in the ACA, or other accessibility services, please fill out the application form by 1st August. All information will be kept in compliance with the Data Protection Act. When you apply you will be added to our mailing list to receive information and updates about accessibility at Shambala.

Please note that this is separate from the application for a PA ticket.

The ACA is for use by people who are disabled under the terms of the Equality Act 2010. Temporary injuries and pregnancy are not regarded as disability. If you are not sure if you qualify, please email us on and we will try to advise you.

Apply for the ACA and other accessibility services here.


We offer a free ‘PA ticket’ for a Personal Assistant if you are over 18 and receive or have any of the following:

  • Middle or Higher Rate DLA
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • CredAbility Access Card
  • Registered severely sight impaired
  • A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card

This ticket can be claimed by calling 0121 472 6688 or emailing Proof of DLA, PIP, your CredAbility or Assistance Dog ID Card must be provided on entry.

PA Tickets are also available for those with under 18’s who require more than one carer. Please contact the accessibility team to discuss eligibility on

Crew and Artists need to apply for PA tickets via the link HERE.


Most of the main site is flat and easily accessible in good weather. In wet weather some areas do get muddy. We provide trackway over the worst areas but in previous years people have had problems with some wheelchairs (particularly electric chairs) over the whole site. We do our best to keep everyone moving, but do be aware that this is an open air event in a grassy field and we cannot guarantee the ground conditions. We keep an information board in the ACA with details of any particularly muddy areas as soon as we know about them.

The Enchanted Woods has areas of rougher ground amongst the trees, which may cause difficulties for some chairs and scooters even in good weather, and the path has a gravel surface, which can be difficult for wheelchair users to navigate. At night, light levels are often fairly low as part of the art installations and the area can become quite crowded, again this may cause difficulties for some people. Due to lack of vehicle access there are no accessible toilets in this area.

The Healing Area is in a meadow with long grass. Access to this area is via a series of ramped bridges and pathways that may also degrade in very bad weather.

There are seats available around site and in all of the venues.

If you use sticks or crutches consider how they will work in mud or soft ground, some people use special attachments to help with this.

Viewing Areas and Platform

There are viewing platforms in the main Shambino venue. We understand that you would like to have your friends, family and carers with you but we ask that they move off the platform if it becomes crowded so that other disabled people can use it. There will be some chairs available on the platforms. The platforms are stewarded and you and your guests will need an ACA wristband in order to gain access to the platform. You can get these wristbands from the Accessible Camping Area.

Other venues will have viewing areas marked out, or have signed wheelchair access routes – further details are available at the ACA.


Toilets & Showers

We have various accessible toilets located around the festival site. For locations see the map on the app and the Essential Guide to Shambino sent to all ticket buyers 10 days in advance of the event. Not all units have a tap located nearby so it is a good idea to bring hand sanitiser in case.

All accessible units will be locked with RADAR padlocks, so please bring a RADAR key with you. We lend out keys for the weekend for a £10 deposit, however we only have a limited number so please reserve one in advance by filling in the accessibility application form.

There is an accessible shower in the ACA.

Larger print maps and timetable

We have large print versions of the site map and timetable available at the ACA and the Info Point.

BSL interpreter

We have a BSL interpreter available on call during the festival. Let us know in advance by filling in the accessibility form or by emailing if you require this service. We will also have some signed performances.


We supply a medical fridge and safe storage in the Medical Tent. You will need to have your medication in a sealed container with your name clearly labelled on it and you will be asked to sign it in and out.

Even if you do not need to use our storage facilities, if you have any serious health issues or have brought medical equipment with you, please come to visit us and the medical crew so that we are aware of where you are camped and how we can help you should the need arise.

Accessibility Aid Recharging

There is a recharge tent in the ACA for wheelchairs and all other accessibility and medical aids. You do not have to be camped in the ACA to use this facility, just come to visit the Accessibility Team in the ACA and we will give you and your PA a wristband so that you can come in whenever you need to.