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As shared in our Shambala 2021 cancellation statement, one of the key reasons we couldn’t commit to producing a full-scale Shambala was the lack of specific Covid-19 related insurance.

So, whilst things are looking very positive for Shambino (being that it’s a solid 5 weeks after the new ‘unlocking’ date of July 19th), there’s still a possible worst case scenario of a new variant rearing its ugly head and enforcing a new lockdown or sudden change in restrictions that could kibosh our plans in the weeks or days leading up to gates opening, leaving us with no event, and huge sums of money sunk into production of Shambino.

Covid is here for the foreseeable, and if our beloved UK festival and events industry is going to survive, it’s time to take matters into our own hands, through a radical, collective, community solution – a Community Indemnity Pledge.

Every adult ticket for Shambino must be purchased in conjunction with a £40 non-refundable Community Indemnity Pledge (or ‘CIP’).  Adult ticket prices will be as follows:

  • Tier 1 tickets – £129 + £40 Community Indemnity Pledge
  • Tier 2 tickets – £139 + £40 Community Indemnity Pledge
  • Tier 3 tickets – £149 + £40 Community Indemnity Pledge

In order to purchase Tier 1, 2 & 3 adult tickets and gain access to the event, all adult ticket buyers must also purchase the CIP and in doing so agree to the fact that, in the event of a cancellation, this aspect of the ticket is non-refundable. 

We realise this is a big ask, and we understand not everybody will be able or willing to take this on. We wouldn’t ask if there were any other way through this.

In the worst case scenario of a cancellation, the non refundable CIP funds that we would retain would equate to less than 15% of the overall event costs we will have incurred and lost on Shambino – but even this small percentage of funds would be essential in ensuring our survival into 2022. 

By purchasing tickets for Shambino 2021 you agree to the above, and that any and all CIP tickets are non-refundable.

You can read in more detail about CIP in our terms and conditions.

Thanks for your understanding and support. x