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A true stalwart of the Shambala scene, our beloved Chai Wallahs will be Shambino’s main stage.  Curated in collaboration between Shambala and Chai Wallahs,

What do you get when you cross The Roots Yard and Barrio? Roots Tropicale, that’s what!  Roots Tropicale will play host to the incredible

With stimulation for at least nine senses, the Enchanted Woods is a separate universe! Come in and get lost. Secret forest pathways will lead

Sankofa is an ancient symbol of the Akan people from Ghana that teaches us to look to our past for inspiration and guidance for

Let’s be honest, the best nights out are always nights in, and this time we don’t have to worry about the neighbours! We’ll be

Far from the maddening crowds and over the lake bridge, awaits your sanctuary. Nestled within a woodland clearing, The Healing Meadows, with it’s a small army

Are your dancing skills rusty after 18 months without much practice? Fear not – our Dance Workshops are the place to be to throw

Where do the real Shambino’s go?  They come on down to Playtopia where all the fun happens. In the Mini Big Top you’ll see world class

The Red Sea Travel Agency – a weekend trip away with the monthlies. Periods, they happen, so let’s all bloody talk about them! Hundreds of

It wouldn’t have a whiff of Shambala if it didn’t have a carnival in the mix! As per long standing tradition, we’ll be gallivanting

Your favourite boozer is back open for business at long last! The Wonky Cock is living proof that festival beers can be so much

Shhhhhh! The legendary Shambala institution that is Naughty Morty’s Secret Ska Bar will be in it’s usual, top secret spot at Shambino – but

The Police Rave Unit are available on our premises to provide vital rave enforcement support. These bobbies always bring the beat, and they’ll be

We have an amazing heritage of craft and tradesmanship in the UK. In years gone by, various skills and techniques were passed down through