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Incoming: A (very small) additional release of Shambino tickets.

Exciting news, Shambalans! At midday on Tuesday next week (27th July) we’ll be releasing a handful of extra adult tickets to Shambino! These are the very, very last few, so if you want to join us for our dinky distillation of Shambala magic, this is your last chance!

‘Why are you releasing more tickets?’

We were super cautious when we initially released tickets for Shambino. Whilst we advertised it as being a 5,000 capacity event, we actually only released less than 4,000 as we wanted to understand the implications of the Stage 4 announcement before selling to full capacity. Even with this small amount of extra tickets going on sale, Shambino will remain under the 5,000 ticket capacity we mentioned when we initially launched. 

Keen to join us? Head to our website ticket page at midday on Tuesday next week and bag one of the last spots for this very special, intimate, end of Summer knees up! To save time on launch day, it’s worth checking in advance that you have your password to hand for your Ticket Sellers account, so you don’t have to go through the ‘forgot password’ process when time’s of the essence (or, if you don’t have a Ticket Sellers account already, get set up in advance)

Please also read the entireity of this web page, as it contains some very important information with regards to our Community Indeminity Pledge (or ‘CIP’) as well as some new information on festival entry requirements regarding Covid-19.

Full steam ahead!

As you are likely aware, a few UK festivals have cancelled in recent weeks, for various reasons – though plenty more are still going ahead, including very large festivals operating at full capacity. We feel it’s important to note that we are committed and confident that Shambino will go ahead, unless the national context drastically changes. 

We’re doing everything possible to bring you an amazing experience and we can’t wait to welcome you back!

Important ticket information – please read carefully!

When booking your tickets you will need to add contact details (name, age, email and phone number) for every person ticket – including children – though parents/guardians can put their own email and phone numbers for their kids.

You can log into your Ticket Sellers account to change these details anytime ahead of the event, but ticket barcodes will be generated and sent out on the 12th of August. If you edit these details after that, the tickets should automatically be resent to you with the new details on, but please double check the details on your tickets are correct before you set off.

Please note that, due to the very tight timescales ahead of the event, we are not able to offer our usual, ‘up to 4 weeks ahead of the event’ customer refund policy for Shambino. However, should the event be cancelled or you are not able to attend due to Covid-19 related reasons, refunds will be made available (excluding the Community Indemnity Pledge – see below).

If you encounter any issues or have any queries relating to your tickets, please contact The Ticket Sellers on

Reminder: The Community Indemnity Pledge

Don’t forget that every adult ticket for Shambino must be purchased in conjunction with a £40 non-refundable Community Indemnity Pledge (or ‘CIP’). 

In order to purchase adult tickets and gain access to the event, all adult ticket buyers must also purchase the CIP and in doing so agree to the fact that, in the event of a cancellation, this element of the ticket is non-refundable.

We realise this is a big ask, and we understand not everybody will be able or willing to take this on. We wouldn’t ask if there were any other way through this. In the worst case scenario of a cancellation, the non refundable CIP funds that we would retain would equate to less than 15% of the overall event costs but even this small percentage of funds would be essential in ensuring our survival into 2022. 

Full terms and conditions for Shambino can be found here.

Lateral Flow Testing required to gain entry

We have been clear in Shambino’s terms and conditions from the off that we strongly expected this to be the case, but haven’t been able to confirm it for sure until now, due to the constantly changing landscape.

We are now able to confirm that, like the majority of festivals, events and venues right now, we will require everybody over the age of 11 who is coming to Shambino (including crew and artists) to present evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Result to gain entry to the event. You will need to do this regardless of your vaccination status, and we are not able to make any exceptions.

The safety of everybody on site is a priority, and whilst they aren’t perfect, Lateral Flow Tests are a useful tool in minimising the likelihood of infection at the festival. 

Please note that using the NHS App, NHS Covid App or the Covid Passport is not a requirement to attend Shambino.

If you test positive, provided that you supply The Ticket Sellers evidence of this in advance of the event, we will cancel your ticket and authorise a refund. 

We will provide further information when your tickets are sent out to you on August 12th, including a super simple guide to how to get your free Lateral Flow Tests and how to upload your result. Please be patient with us regarding any additional information around Lateral Flow Testing, until then.

The Shambino line up will be an app exclusive!

Pssst! Have you downloaded the Shambala app yet? You really should – for a few reasons…

1. We’ll be releasing the Shambino line up through the Shambala phone app, only! The line up will drop in early August, so keep your peepers peeled. This will come in an app update, so everybody who has the app already will need to update it – we’re not there quite yet, but we’ll let all ticket buyers know when the app update is ready, early next month.

2. With no paper programme this year due to shortened timescales, the Shambala app will also be your on-site programme for the event, where you’ll be able to check out the acts and running times, save your favourites, get useful notifications and announcements and find out heaps of information ahead of the event. 

3. We see our independent phone app as the future of Shambala’s digital communications as we start to think about moving away from ‘big social media’. No algorithms, no data harvesting, just a lovely, independent community in your pocket. It’s totally free and packed with exclusive mixes, news, and other fun oddities, so come get involved!

Just search SHAMBALA on your app store and look for our logo.

Thank you again for your support – we truly hope to see you in the fields this August bank holiday.

Big love, Sham HQ x