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Shambino Carnival

It wouldn’t have a whiff of Shambala if it didn’t have a carnival in the mix! As per long standing tradition, we’ll be gallivanting through the site on Saturday a seething mass of people, peacocking in elaborate finery and stranger than fiction costume.

The HumanKIND Carnival! – Humans get a bad rep – which, a lot of the time, is a fair cop. However we are also capable of the most incredible feats of creativity, invention, discovery, kindness and empathy. Over the past 18 months, we’ve not had half as much human connection as we’d have liked to, so we want to take this opportunity to celebrate, through clever costumery, what YOU consider to be the absolute pinnacle of human achievement, be it Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, the Sistine Chapel, space travel or sliced bread.